5 Natural Mosquito Repellents That You Can Grow

Tired of using nonorganic insect repellents and insecticides` to protect your family from mosquito's bites? Why not growing or decorating your house with some garden plants that help repel mosquitoes?

Here we have 5 garden plants that growing with strong scents, yet giving a pleasant aroma.

"The scientist believes some herbs' scents can help mask our body odour to keep mosquitoes at a distance. "

(Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA)

1. Basil


When you are in the supermarket next time, don't forget to stop at the live plant section, look for basil herb seeds where there are usually packed in a small packet. Buy one home to try growing them up in a small pot.

Growing basil in pots it possible to do in Singapore and you can easily put them in your living room to control mosquitoes. Meanwhile, by rubbing a handful of crushed basil leaves on your skin will help to keep mosquitoes away.

2. Lavender


Yes, it's aroma that might let you think of Provence, France, where beautiful lavender fields are displayed during its blossom season. Lavender perfume is well known but not many know that its scents repel flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. 

Perhaps, you can try to beautify your living room with a bouquet of fresh lavender today, and enjoy a pleasant mosquito free evening.   


3. Rosemary

An essential oil contained in the rosemary herb make it a natural insect repellent. Together with Basil, Rosemary is the easiest grow herbs in the hot climate. You can start a DIY basil planting anytime,  seeing the herbs grow is another satisfaction.   


4. Mints

Mint and its other variants such as Catnip and Lemon Balm are the good plants that drive mosquitoes away 

Crushing the mint leaves release its fragrance to ward off mosquitoes, and you can apply crush mint leaves on your skin to prevent mosquitoes from getting close to you.

5. Lemon Grass

Planting a pot of lemon grass to decorate an indoor area is getting common and trendy. Although in the wild, it can grow to more than 4 feet long. With its'strong fragrance, a pot of lemon grass at home can help deter mosquitoes away.

Start your planting plan this weekend, together we prevent Zika spread!

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